Matrix CAD Design, Inc.
"CAD and 3D Scanning Solutions"
Matrix CAD Design, Inc., is the leader in 3D Laser Scanning Services.  We not only have the proper equipment
for your scanning needs, but we also have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to process your scan data into a
usable format.  MCD also provides full CAD services which allows us to carry your project from start to finish.  
Call us today to learn how we can assist you.  Phone: 704-707-4170
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       How a car scan is done by Matrix CAD Design, Inc.
3D Laser Scanning
  • Archiving/Digital Insurance
  • Art
  • Restoration
  • Recreation
  • Customization
Archive before this happens.
Use scan data to restore back to its
original shape.
  • MCD can scan your car and design a egg crate style buck for an exact shape and fitment.

  • Missing a LH or RH part? We can scan the part you have and mirror the data.